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Russian Folk Handicrafts

russian folk handicraftsRussian traditional handicrafts are an integral part of the domestic culture, which have rich history and are considered to be a successful combination of traditions and innovations, stylistic peculiarities of craft and creative fantasy, hand-made articles and high skills. Art secrets of Russian masters were delivered from father to son, and the quality of these products absorbed the experience of tens of generations. Russian gifts and souvenirs are very popular and widely known not only in Russia but they are highly appreciated abroad, as well.

Russian gifts and souvenirs are distinguished by their variety and diversity of articles, reflecting originality of cultures of multinational Russian Federation. Among the famous Russian handicrafts such as Khokhloma, Lacquered miniatures, Orenburg shawls, Zhostovo trays, Vologda lace, Gzhel and Traditional Matryoshkas. Faberge style eggs, Icon Painting, Russian Porcelain, Watches, Tula Samovars, Russian army articles-all these items are associated with Russian gifts and souvenirs.

All this gifts and souvenirs the tourists can not only buy but also see all the process of its manufacturing in Verkhnie Mandrogi, traditional Russian village built specially to introduce the old Russian culture. The village has several traditional Russian houses (izba), museums and also facilities for accommodation, dining and entertainment of the guests. The nature is nice around, the River has lots of fish, and forests are inhabited with many bird and animal species

It is situated 320kms from St. Petersburg between the lakes Ladoga and Onega (the taiga zone of Veps Heights), on the left bank of the River Svir.

Mandrogi’s origins go back centuries, to the era B.C., when a pagan forest tribe appeared on the banks of the Svir – the Veps. Later a successful trade route, ‘from the Varangians to the Greeks’, ran along the river Svir and free peasants from Novogorod settled here. In the 18th century, by order of Peter the Great, shipbuilders and carpenters were settled here to build the Russian fleet. Nowadays the village of Verkhnie Mandrogi is being reconstructed on its historical site. The idea of the reconstruction is S.E. Gutsait’s.

The program of Verkhnie Mandrogi includes different types of activities that are developed in different ways. Among them the most interesting and exclusive projects are:

- “The Green Station” – includes berth buildings, used to moor ships (in summer time), awnings for picnics, a stage and other buildings used for serving tourists.

- The craft “community” – a complex of workshops for folk art craftspeople, in which guests can get acquainted with real Russian folk art, try to create it themselves and buy the work of the masters. There are many different types of folk crafts: painting, lace making, pottery, weaving etc. There is a small exhibition about the history of the “matreshka” (traditional Russian dolls) and an art gallery.

- The Vodka Museum – the first vodka museum in Russia! The exhibits in this museum include more than 2000 kinds or Russian vodka. Visitors may taste and buy all drinks exhibited. For corporate groups we organize special tasting visits with lectures about vodka and its history. The workers of the museum advocate moderation in the consumption of spirits.

- . “The Path of Fairytales” – a collection of carved wooden sculptures, situated in the forest, which illustrate the prologue of Pushkin’s poem “Ruslan and Ludmila”. This collection was made by the Karelian craftsman U. Gusev.

- The elk farm – a farm of genetically domestic elks, which live in conditions that are as close to nature as possible. The elks were brought to Mandrogi from a national park close to the town Kostroma. The elks are kept for their useful and healthy milk. There were also some elks that needed medical treatment and which were returned to the wild after being cured.

- The horse farm – a farm for riding (including those for rent) and draught horses. The main breed of horse is the Vladimirsky tyazhelovoz (light line). All of our horses are broken in.

- The mini milk farm – this allows us to provide all our guests with fresh milk.

- The mini rabbit farm – “remember, rabbits are not only valuable fur but also 2-3 kilograms of tasty lean meat”

- The mini quail farm – this farm has almost 1000 quails and could easily support all our projects. Raising the birds is carried out according to an original intensive method, which was created by a Mandrogi inhabitant. The results of the research were defended as a scientific dissertation.

- The fish farm – this is a totality of ponds and fishing nets (settled on the river stream) that are specially constructed for trout and carp. We plan to keep other types of fish.

- Hunting – there are huge areas of forest near our village (64 247,40 acres). It is possible to organize hunts for water game, rabbits, elks and bears. It is a very interesting sight – forest hunting for capercailye and black grouse during mating season. There are hunting dogs in our village – Russian hounds and huskies.

- Family tourism – we organize foot-, water-, horse-, skiing- and auto-tours of varying duration around Veps’ Heights in the North-West of Russia and Karelia. We offer you contact with nature, fishing, teaching of the rudiments of orientation and survival etc.


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