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Samogon - Home Made Vodka


The self-made alcoholic drinks in Russia are called "samogon", that in recalculation and means self-maintained fabrication of drinks by an expedient of distillation. Samogon - traditional Russian drink which is not succumbing on quality to other drinks, for example, rum. If to compare know-how of cooking, we shall not find essential differences, except for raw, from which one they are plotted. Practically, the rum represents a not clean drink samogon.

According to statistics, 40 % of vodkas acting in sale, are vodka of poor production made with disturbances of the demands of the standard. Between that, each of us has an opportunity to be completely free from concerns of the schemer and companies - monopolies, having adjusted production of vodka and other alcoholic drinks in home requirements. Having spent on cooking of alcoholic drinks the time and work, we not only essentially economize our family budget, but also we shall maintain the health.

Here we shall not be started up in long reasonings on cooking samogon, fabrication samogon of vehicles and so further. We shall esteem only initial items of information on technological processes of fabrication and the clearing of a drink samogon - without it cannot be made an excellent drink for ourselves and friends.

Know-How of Cooking of a Drink Samogon

To cook a good drink it is possible only at rigorous keeping of the technological demands at all stages of process.
At cooking a drink evolve following technological stages:
- Select and opening-up of a feed stock;
- Process of fermenting;
- Distillation;
- Clearing a drink;
- Meliorating quality.

The theory and practice of distillation

The distillation calls process of heating of fluid up to boiling point with the subsequent condensation of steams(vapors). There are not so many expedients and receptions of distillation.

The maiden reception - is a skill to carry out(spend) fractional distillation,, that is to learn to cut easily boiling head factions oozed in an incipient state of distillation, and caudal, boiling at temperature more 97把 (is high-gravity boiling fractions), from the basic fraction, at which one the clean ethanol is distilled off.

The bulk of the maiden fraction compounds 3-8 % from total amount of alcohol in solution. This fraction for the alimentary purposes is unsuitable and will be utillized only for technical needs. Bulk of the basic fraction (ethanol) compounds 75-85 %.

The third fraction contains fusel oils and small quantity(amount) of ethanol and compounds
8-10 %. This fraction usually accumulate and distillate, abiding the same principles of separation of separate fractions.

Practically separation conduct as follows

For example, in a tank for distillation three liters of raw are pledged. Roughly yield of a drink samogon will make, depending on skill of the parent, 800-1000 mls. It means, that the maiden fraction, which one assemble separately and will not utillize for the alimentary purposes will make about 40-50 mls. The second, basic fraction (clean ethanol), will make about 680-950 mls and, at last, third fraction (with fusel oils) will make in a sectional example 80-100 mls. Sampleing for the alimentary purposes only second fraction, we already during the maiden distillation are released from a considerable proportion of the unhealthy men of matters.

At the second distillation will utillize the same reception on clearing a drink samogon. Having added in a distilled second fraction 350-425 mls of water from a spring, do(make) the second distillation with keeping of the same principles of separation main and tailpieces of distillation. After the second distillation received(obtained) 650-850 mls samogon practically will not contain harmful matters. However distillations on reception of a clean drink should be supplemented by chemical methods of clearing, which one put away from samogon the waste matters, which have stayed at distillations present in solution.

At distillation it is necessary to remember, that the fluid, containing alcohol, - not water and begins to boil earlier. The boil of mild admixtures contained in raw, begins at temperature 65-68ㄑ (methanol - 64,7把 , Acetum - methylic Aether - 57,1把 , Acetum - solvent ether 77,8把 and so further). The ethanol boils at temperature 78, 1把.

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