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About the Foundation

The Faberge Arts Foundation (FAF) is a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, with offices in Washington, DC and St. Petersburg, Russia. Since its founding in 1990, FAF has worked to promote the legacy of Carl Faberge through international exhibitions, jewelry competitions, and the establishment of a museum in his name. The foundation has also been concerned throughout its history with preserving the architectural landmarks of the city that gave birth to Faberge. Support for the foundation is provided by individual donors, philanthropic foundations, and corporate sponsorship for specific programs.

In partnership with St. Petersburg’s architectural, political, and cultural leaders, including the director of the State Hermitage Museum and the city’s deputy mayor, the Faberge Arts Foundation (FAF) serves as an architectural and cultural conservancy for the city. St. Petersburg is rigorous in its plans to restore its landmarks while maintaining visual cohesion and historical unity. FAF works with the city in adapting its buildings to contemporary urban needs, by inviting international experts and hosting workshops and conferences. FAF identifies restoration projects of historical significance, raises awareness and funds for these projects, and manages the restoration process.

An exciting project was announced at the Russian Easter celebration on May 4, 2005: the creation of the first Faberge Museum in St. Petersburg, which will be located in the State Hermitage. A joint venture of FAF and the Hermitage, the Faberge Museum will include exhibitions as well as a multimedia research center.

FAF has been chosen by the State Hermitage Museum in St. Petersburg to assist in the establishment of a Faberge Museum within the General Staff Building on Palace Square. The renovation of the building, as part of the enlargement of the Hermitage, is considered the most important current renovation in Russia. On the main floor of the General Staff Building, in galleries close to the Winter Palace, the Faberge Museum is designated to occupy three large galleries containing

• The Hermitage’s collection of Faberge, including the imperial regalia

• Visiting Faberge exhibitions from Western museums and collections

• A comprehensive library, research facilities for scholars, and interactive material

Hermitage Director Dr. Mikhail Piotrovsky announced the launch of the fundraising effort for the new museum at FAF’s Russian Easter gala at the Russian Embassy on May 4, 2005. The celebration featured renowned pianist Van Cliburn as well as a performance by the Washington Cathedral Choral Society and a special Faberge exhibition.

FAF is currently seeking contributions to the Faberge Museum in the Hermitage from Western corporations with business interests in Russia. This group will form the “Friends of the Faberge Museum” and will be accorded special Hermitage privileges as well as a highly visible place in the new museum’s Grand Opening.

With the completion of the new museum in 2007, the works of St. Petersburg’s native son will have their first home since the unique workshops of Carl Faberge were shut down in 1918. The Faberge Museum will be dedicated to the master and to nurturing new generations of young Russian jewelers and artists. The Hermitage will build a lasting bridge from its great cultural heritage to the fresh demands of the twenty-first century. Those innovative Russian skills of yesteryear—the mastery of material, the respect for craft, the lofty artistic vision-will soon inspire and strengthen the creative yearnings of the country’s youth today.

Restoration of Mikhailovsky Garden Fence

FAF was also chosen by JT International to undertake the second phase of the Mikhailovsky Garden wrought-iron fence restoration in downtown St. Petersburg. Perhaps the jewel in FAF’s crown of accomplishments is the fence restoration carried out between 1998 and 2002. With this new contract, FAF will be able to continue maintaining the sixteen-foot-high Faberge-style panels and restore the magnificent double-paneled gates that face the Church of the Spilled Blood.

Designed by Alfred Parland as one element of the ensemble of the Church of the Spilled Blood, the Mikhailovsky Fence employs two alternating motifs: those of entwining vines and insets of fantastic flowers wrought of steel. This unique piece of architectural jewelry, in the Faberge style, consists of fifty-two sections of lace-like wrought-iron grill work resting on granite and placed in between stone posts decorated with irregularly shaped colored brick. The massive gates are located in the center of the fence. This beloved fence of St. Petersburg has stood as a familiar landmark since 1907.

On to Sweden for the Young Jewelers Competition in 2007

FAF Advisory Board Member Christian Bolin is leading the effort for Sweden to host the international competition in 2007. We expect jewelers from St. Petersburg and all the Nordic countries to participate in FAF’s sixth biennial competition. The first was held in St. Petersburg in 1996 to commemorate Faberge’s 150th anniversary.

Faberge Flowers was published in October 2004 by the noted art house Harry N. Abrams. The first book on the subject of Faberge’s exquisite jeweled flowers, it combines seventy full-color photographs of these stunning objects with chapters that illuminate the lost world of early Faberge collectors, among them the crowned heads of Russia and England.

Edited by Joyce Lasky Reed and Marilyn Pfeifer Swezey, the book contains essays by Tatiana Faberge, Ulla Tillander-Godenhielm, Caroline de Guitaut, Valentin V. Skurlov, Mark A. Schaffer, Alexander von Solodkoff, and Marilyn Swezey.

Reviews have been glowing, and Slavia Books will publish a Russian edition in 2007.


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